Marketing Services

We offer products and services that extend well beyond traditional title insurance. Our best-in-class service includes unique marketing solutions specifically designed to help you, and your customers.

The Chicago Title suite of marketing services and tools was designed to keep you in the know, while you’re on the go. Accurate settlement-related calculations, detailed property profiles and customizable collateral are just the beginning.

Whether you need to access Premier Services, ChicagoAgent or TitlePro247, let our customized marketing services make a difference in your success today! For more information, contact your Chicago Title Sales Representative.

ChicagoAgent ONE

Real estate in the palm of your hand.

The art and science of estimating net sheet, closing costs and monthly payments in a revolutionary new application to keep you on the go.

ChicagoAgent ONE

Math made easy.

ChicagoAgent ONE gives you the ability to run quick, easy and accurate estimates for your buyers and sellers. We’ve preloaded local county specific title rates, closing costs, lender fees and city specific property tax rates. You can easily customize your closing costs, brand your printouts and email your customers with professional company branded correspondence. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android, plus Kindle and Nook.

Click here to download the ChicagoAgent app to your iPhone and iPad.

Click here to download the ChicagoAgent app to your Android device.

For more information contact your Chicago Title Representative.

Corefact Marketing

Not your grandparents postcard.

The art and science of direct mail come together in a revolutionary way of reaching your key customers.

Direct Mail Marketing.

Corefact’s Capture Marketing Center can help you be more effective in your lead generation and relationship building, while enabling you to leverage your company’s brand and professional image.

Corefact’s signature product is a direct mail marketing system with lead capture technology that provides a connection between your direct mail postcards and your online presence. The primary call-to-action on the direct mail postcard is an instant home value estimate. A personal key code is assigned to each property’s address. Homeowner activity on the website is then tracked and ranked for review and follow-up.

For more information click here or contact your Chicago Title Representative

National Rate Calculator

Estimates at your fingertips.

Providing you with the estimates you need to anticipate and the service you expect.

What it does.

The National Rate Calculator is a web-based platform designed to help our customers and agents estimate the potential settlement-related costs for a residential real estate transaction. You can create estimates for residential transactions with a few simple field entries such as: property location (city/state), transaction type (purchase/refinance), and the sale price or loan amount of the transaction.

NRC Graphic

How to get it.

Click here to access the National Rate Calculator or contact your Chicago Title Representative.

*All rate quotes are subject to the terms and conditions set forth on the generated quote.


Your competitive edge.

Your answer to vital property information available anywhere, anytime.

What it does.

With TitlePro247, get access to property data, property reports, and leads. Armed with this info, you’ll be able to enhance your neighborhood expertise, build stronger buyer and seller relationships, and ultimately increase your sales.

TitlePro247 Graphic

How to get it.

Contact your Chicago Title Representative or click here to access.


Know now. Share now.

Property information where ever you are, when ever you need it.

What it does.

Life is busy in the real estate industry. When you are trying to build a business, meet client needs and stay on top of market conditions, you need to be as productive as possible. Don’t slow down, stay on-the-go with TitleNow.

With TitleNow, you can search for real time property information like property address, mailing address, legal description, parcel and tract information, tax information, property characteristics, transfer history, nearby properties, and plat maps.

For more information, contact your Chicago Title Representative.

How to get it.

Introducing Chicago Title’s first mobile app that works exclusively with services provided through the Premier Services Platform. With TitleNow, you can get immediate property information on your iPhone, iPad or Android wherever you are, whenever you need it. Download your free version of TitleNow and start getting your property profile information while you are on-the-go.

Click here to download TitleNow Mobile App to your iPhone and iPad.

Click here to download TitleNow Mobile App to your Android.

Premier Services

Your one stop shop for residential real estate services.

The art and science of estimating netsellers, finding and evaluating properties, generating leads and more!

Premier Services

Premier Services is an online, one-stop shop for real estate solutions, designed to help you succeed and grow. Though Premier Services you will have access to the most comprehensive and reliable property data in the industry, including public and private school reports, neighborhood demographics, recent sales records and more – all from one convenient site!

Contact your Chicago Title Representative or click here to access Premier Services.

Real Estate Premier Services

By enrolling in Premier Services you can gain access to:

  • Leading title and escrow services at the local level and nationwide
  • The largest network of industry professionals in North America
  • E-mail notifications for fast convenient service
  • Instant download of property profiles on any device
  • Powerful real estate calculators
  • 24-hour ordering capability for customer service, title and escrow
  • New product announcements
  • Links to real estate news, associations, government agencies and financial sites
  • Order forms and services by jurisdiction

Customer Web Portal

Simply connected to your order.

Providing you with 24/7 online access to place orders, track order status, view documents, get pricing information conveniently from the office, tablet, or mobile device.

What it does.

The Chicago Title Customer Web Portal gives you the ability to manage your order from start to finish. You can easily place orders online with the operations you work with everyday. View organized documents related to the order. Find the latest information about your orders by looking up the loan number, borrower’s last name, order date, or escrow number. Estimate the costs associated with a specific order through the online rate calculator.

How to get it.

To access the Chicago Title Customer Web Portal click here
or contact your Chicago Title Representative

Customer Web Portal Graphic

Market U

Like having your own print shop.

The art and science of lead generation and relationship building in a revolutionary way to successfully build market share. Release the hounds.

MarketU Graphic

Collateral Made Easy.

Let us invest our time to help you GROW your business. Our Market U Group specializes in providing Chicago Title clients with effective marketing solutions. We create custom flyers, brochures, postcards, posters, door-hangers and more. Our marketing system will help you generate leads, build relationships and promote properties using the most innovative tools available.

For more information, contact your
or contact your Chicago Title Representative